Bladder Botox

I had seen no fewer than 5 different doctors and had gone through 2 painful surgeries and more than 5 different medications but was still leaking urine to the point I was starting to dread leaving the house.  When Dr. Butrick suggested Botox I was fearful that it would not work or that I might require a catheter.  He reassured me that the testing would suggest that I was a very good candidate for Botox.  This simple office-based procedure has not only improved but totally corrected my leakage.  It has given my life back to me.

Our mission at the Urogynecology Center is to provide the highest level of care possible for women with incontinence, pelvic pain and/or pelvic organ prolapse. We provide this care in an individualized and highly compassionate manner, always keeping the needs of the patient in the forefront.

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Latest News

Society of Gynecologic Surgeons – 2017

Dr. Butrick was the keynote speaker at the Society of Gynecologic Surgeons lunch symposium for interstitial cystitis  and painful bladder syndrome.

Educational Video – 2017

Dr. Butrick filmed an educational video on centralized pain disorders and chronic pelvic pain.

AUGS Meeting – 2017

Dr. Butrick was a workshop speaker on interstitial cystitis at the annual American Urogynecologic Society in 2017