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The Urogynecology Center was the first pelvic pain center in the United States to offer SoLa therapy for pelvic pain. After five months of experience with this new therapy Dr. Butrick’s patients are having amazing results. This great response has been duplicated at other pelvic pain centers around the country that are also using this therapeutic laser for myofascial pain. 80% of patients who have undergone therapy have experienced significant improvement in pain and one third are now pain free. SoLa therapy involves 9-16 treatment sessions in the office, each session takes only 3 to 4 minutes. SoLa therapy benefits patients with pelvic floor myalgia. Pelvic floor myalgia is one of the most important targets for the treatment of patients with chronic pelvic pain. SoLa therapy has been shown to benefit patients who have interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome, vulvodynia, pain with sex, endometriosis related pain as well as persistent pain after surgery. To determine if you are a candidate for SoLa therapy or for additional information, call The Urogynecology Center at 913-307-0044. Or, go to

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Our mission at the Urogynecology Center is to provide the highest level of care possible for women with incontinence, pelvic pain and/or pelvic organ prolapse. We provide this care in an individualized and highly compassionate manner, always keeping the needs of the patient in the forefront.

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Latest News

Seminar – November 2019

Dr. Butrick is holding a free seminar on urinary and fecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, bladder infections, & pelvic pain disorders. The talk will include a new cold laser therapy called Sola Therapy which is a break through in the management of chronic pelvic pain. The seminar will be held at 12200 W. 106th St., ... read more

Master Surgeon – 2019

Dr. Butrick became an accredited Master Surgeon in Minimally Invasive Surgery. This accreditation demonstrates Dr. Butrick's  commitment and ability as a surgeon to consistently deliver the highest level of care possible and signifies that Dr. Butrick is among the best in his specialty.

Axionics – 2019

Dr. Butrick attended a meeting to provide input on a new device for sacral nerve stimulation from Axionics. This new device greatly reduces the size of a neuromodulation device battery to the approximate size of a quarter.